1927 Bridgwater Pageant Postcards
1995/19 Procession through the town at the start of the 1927 Bridgwater Pageant.
1996/16/15 Prologue: A Masque on the spirit of the river and the bridge
1996/16/17 Episode 3: St Matthews Fair 1588
1996/16/16 Episode 2: The Bridgwater Riots of 1831
2007/7/1 Some members of the cast. Left- Miss M Durston, a schoolmistress as a page. Her costume is in the museum collection.
2007/45/21 An assembly of some of the cast members from the 1927 Bridgwater Pageant.
2007/45/22 Prologue: A Masque
Trevilian biography
Photographs of the pageant including performers
Postcards of the pageant
Music by Percy Whitlock
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