The Museum holds a substantial collection of photograpths, and many have yet to be identified and digitised. The collection comprises principally the work of Robert Gillo, Douglas Allen, Don Smith and J Hedley Barry.
Surname Forename Active  Address Notes Acland Tom 1905                              - Allen Douglas 1951-53 7 Friarn Street “       “ 1954-64 94 St John Street Brown Joseph Stephen 1861-81 High Street Burrows Charles Henry 1910 Hamp Ward Cooper H Montague 1910-29 34 Wembdon Road “           “ 1914 38 Wembdon Road Flower H   Wembdon Road late Goodfellow Gillo Robert ca. 1861-81 32 Friarn Street  http://www.bridgwaterscientists.org.uk/gillo detailed external site Goodfellow E 1914 Wembdon Road also 47 High St Wincanton Hosier James Charles 1897-1906 Magnolia Villa, 34 Wembdon Road Llewellyn L H    9 Penel Orlieu Martin William 1906 7 Wembdon Road Matthews Harry Phillip 1906-29 7 Melbourne Square Osborne & Fisher   1914 20 Cornhill Osborne Kate 1906 7 Dampiet Street Palfrey S W  1928-44 Wembdon Road Pennell Alfred 1881-83 North Street Peperall   1889 North Street Reed Charles 1906 King Street “      “   99 St John Street & North Street Rogers E G    Cattle Market Selfe Robert 1862-83 Queen Street Shephard Joseph 1883-97 7 Edward Street Sheppard Phillip A 1883 Monmouth Street also Lansdown, Stroud Slocombe Harold L 1910-29 Riverside Smith Oliver Claude 1881-83 Wembdon Road Squibbs Abraham 1883-1910 Canal Cottage, Wembdon Road “       “ 1895-1910 38 Fore Street Squibbs & Carey   1910-29                          - Verncombe John 1906-29 29 Penel Orlieu Wilkins   1964 6 Eastover Williams William 1906 Cannington
List of known Bridgwater Photographers
Example scans of the verso of cdvs and other photographs by various Bridgwater photographers are here [Private collection]
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