Decorated Romano-British Samian Ware From the Somerset HER (10039) Widening of the Kings' Sedgemoor drain in 1939 exposed a roughly paved and cobbled area some 100 yds by 20yds. Within it were found a dupondius of Domitian, white lias tesserae and quantities of potsherds covering the whole Roman period. There were also foundations, possibly of huts or outbuildings. Part of Roman settlement. {1} Samian ware from site on the N side of Kings Sedgemoor Drain excavated by HSL Dewar in 1939 was given to Sam Nash in 1964. {3} Finds from the 1939 excavation were deposited in the Blake Museum, Bridgwater. Full account in Bridgwater Mercury 09/08/1939. References: 1 Description - Roman Britain in 1939. Journal of Roman Studies. 30 (1940) [page 174-5] 3 Description - Nash's site 563. Copy in HER files Box 345 in the Blake Museum appears to contain the Samian Ware collected by Dewar in 1939. The callgraphy on the labels associated with it has been attributed to Dewar (D Baker, personal communication). All the sherds are from Bawdrip (ST 328x403y/32774026), except for image 37, which is from Combwich (ST25804185 & ST25734200) Compiled and photographed by M Craven, J Vanstone, and P E Cattermole, August 2010.
Samian images can be found here
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